Coach Paul Briggs - Scholarship Fund
    Legendary Coach Paul Briggs
In memory of the Legendary High School Football Coach of Bakersfield High School, this site is dedicated to this great and amazing man who inspired thousands of young people to reach their greatest potentials on and off the Grid Iron.
Coach Paul Brigg's legend continues as this site raises funds to assist young BHS football players to continue their studies in college and take the essence of "Driller Excellence" into the world beyond Griffith Stadium!

About Us

We are a group of Driller graduates from the Paul Brigg's Grid Iron classrooms of 33 years while he coached the Bakersfield High School Driller football teams.  We are dedicated to assisting young Drillers to the next level of life in college.  We know that life in college can be challenging financially in these times so we provide scholarships to those that are willing to step up into their next scholastic experience with great courage and grace.

We welcome the opportunity for you to help these young people on their path into adulthood and assist each of them to be powerful contributors to our wonderful world!  Donate today!

Paul Briggs Scholarship Award

Each year a financial scholarship is awarded to a Driller Football player who has shown, on and off the football field, the highest quality in character, athletic and scholastic excellence. 


We welcome your donation to the Coach Paul Briggs Scholarship Fund.  Please fill in and send your checks to;

Paul Briggs Scholarship Fund
Bakersfield High School
1241 G St
Bakersfield, CA  93301
Attention: Finance Office

Thank you!


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